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    Advanced Feedback

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Click here for detailed Location and travel information. The Advanced Feedback Workshop was created based on an immense amount of customer feedback and demand from practitioners who wish to deepen and expand the Hogan interpretation and feedback delivery skills gained inł-day Hogan Certification. This experiential course prepares the learner to apply more advanced feedback models, integrate Hogan data with other inputs, create developmental action plans and understand best practices for delivering Hogan feedback.

Following Advanced Feedback Workshop, you will be able to:

  • Deliver Hogan feedback using “best practice” methods
  • Know when and how to apply appropriate feedback models in context
  • Deliver competency-based Hogan feedback
  • Summarize Hogan data using behavioral themes and competencies as a framework
  • Identify and address common profile challenges and “coachability” issues
  • Deliver high-impact feedback, including development actions based on Hogan data

Skills acquired in this workshop can be used to increase the impact of high-stakes leadership development and executive coaching programs, create more effective individual development plans, and deepen Hogan interpretation expertise for applied use in coaching, leadership, high potential, and other key talent programs

Is this course right for me?
Completion of the Hogan Assessments Certification Workshop is required to take Advanced Feedback. If you are relatively new to or inexperienced with delivering feedback to leaders using sophisticated psychometric assessments, this course may be perfect for you. Many Hogan users are not formally trained in executive coaching or feedback delivery techniques, and are unfamiliar with best practices. If you are a highly seasoned executive coach, you may want to consider our Advanced Interpretation Course.