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The Advanced Interpretation workshop will be a hands-on, fast-paced class that prepares the learner to interpret scale combinations more skillfully, connect scales across assessments, extract maximum value from subscale data, and interpret developmental themes from the assessment at a more advanced level.

Is this course right for me?
Completion of the Hogan Assessments Certification Workshop is required to take Advanced Interpretation. If your intended Hogan use is more technical in nature, requiring deep assessment expertise or you are engaged in high-stakes assessment or feedback scenarios, this course may be perfect for you. Many Hogan users find the Hogan tools to be incredibly rich and complex, and find themselves wanting more hands-on practice and instruction around interpretation.

Note: If you are having difficulty deciding between the Advanced Feedback and Advanced Interpretation learning tracks, you may want to consider the Combined Course, which is offered periodically throughout the year. Please contact a Hogan Representative for more information: +1.800.756.0632 or +1.918.749.0632.